Enhance Customer Trust and Increase Sales with the ServerScan Site Seal.

Study after study confirms that trust seals and 3rd-party attestations improve customer trust and ultimately result in better sales. In our world with so much identity theft and so many compromised websites, customers want to know that their information is safe, and that your website has accounted for common vulnerabilities. Our dynamic trust seals have been designed specifically to help your visitors know that you take security seriously.

How it works:

Each PCI ServerScan performs in-depth testing for thousands of common website vulnerabilities. Our customized Trust Seals present 3rd-party attestation of your passing scan results, including the date of your most recent passing scan, and the domain name or IP address that was scanned. With one simple click of the Trust Seal, your visitors can verify your passing PCI scan, and gain enhanced trust in your site.

How to get a ServerScan Trust Seal:

ServerScan Trust Seals are included for free with each of our PCI Scanning packages. Once you've purchased your PCI ServerScan, you can collect the code to display The ServerScan Trust Seal on your website. Copy-and-paste the Trust Seal code in your HTML code where you would like the seal to display. Each time your scan passes, your site seal will be updated with the latest scan results.

Orders in Payment Received - These orders need to have an initial scan (starting immediately) and quarterly recurring scans (starting 3-5 days in the future) scheduled, then move to Completed. See instruction document.

Orders in Pending - These orders need to have the customer contacted by email to inform them that payment failed and their scans will be disabled in seven days if we do not receive payment. Once that happens, do the following -

Set the recurring payment in the SS order manager to 'Suspended'.

Login to the Scan Manager and disable their scans by going to the Scan Portal > Admin > Network Assets, and deleting the zone.

Login as the User and turn off any scheduled scans by going to the Checklist>Manage>Login as User>Scan Schedules and deleting any scans.

Move order to Non Renewed (Canceled). Do not move past successful orders to Canceled, just the current order in question.