Privacy Policy

Server Scan LLC

ServerScan respects your privacy, and is committed to protecting and safeguarding the privacy of all of its valuable customers. This privacy policy describes the practices of ServerScan in collecting, using, and safeguarding the private information that may be obtained through use of ServerScan's services. Questions about this privacy policy may be submitted to ServerScan by email to

Non-Personal Information
ServerScan utilizes cookies and other similar resources to collect, analyze, and store non-personal information and tracking data of website visitors. This non-personal information may include the browser type, ISP, referring page, visitor's IP address, operating system, date/time, and clickstream data. Third-party software is used by ServerScan to assist in collecting and analyzing this information for the purpose of improving ServerScan's services.

Personal Information Collection
Personally-identifiable information is collected by ServerScan from visitors after obtaining consent, which is obtained during checkout as customers voluntarily subscribe to ServerScan services, or request further information. Personal information is not collected as visitors simply browse the website. ServerScan may contact customers about offers and opportunities from ServerScan or its business partners, to conduct surveys, and gather feedback.

Personal Information Updates
Adjustments to personal information can be submitted by emailing requests to

ServerScan uses Google Analytics to evaluate use of the ServerScan site. For details, please reference Google's site.

ServerScan does not share the personally identifiable information collected from visitors with third parties, except when necessary to provide ServerScan services. ServerScan does not sell personal information to third parties, and does not permit it's partners to spam customers with emails for products or services unrelated to ServerScan.

Scan Information and Site Seals.
Detailed results of scans performed by ServerScan are only available inside ServerScan customer accounts. ServerScan provides a brief summary, including date, of passing scans in site seals when used by customers. Use of the ServerScan site seal by customers is voluntary.

ServerScan occasionally collects feedback from customers and other visitors by perfoming surveys. Participation in these surveys is voluntary. The information collected in ServerScan's surveys is used to improve services and enhance the ServerScan user experience.

ServerScan uses SSL authentication and encryption for sensitive data transactions including purchases, account login, scan configuration, and scan result downloads. Stored data is restricted to administrators and employees who need access to this data in order to perform job duties.

Choice / Opt out
ServerScan may occasionally email customers notification of special offers and deals from ServerScan. Customers are given the opportunity to opt out of these notifications by following the opt out directions contained in such emails.
ServerScan also provides important notifications to customers regarding the services provided by ServerScan. These include expiration notifications, scan results, order receipts, and important security notifications. Customers may not opt out of these important notifications.

ServerScan reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time without notification. Amendments will be made by posting adjustments to this website. Amendments will be effective 30 days after being posted on this site. All visitors and Customers are required to check the website periodically to be aware of any changes to the ServerScan Privacy Policy.

Contact Information:
Please contact ServerScan by any of the following methods with comments or questions regarding ServerScan's Privacy Policy:
Mail - Server Scan, LLC
827 North 900 East
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

Phone- 801-852-2337

Last Updated: 14 February 2014

Orders in Payment Received - These orders need to have an initial scan (starting immediately) and quarterly recurring scans (starting 3-5 days in the future) scheduled, then move to Completed. See instruction document.

Orders in Pending - These orders need to have the customer contacted by email to inform them that payment failed and their scans will be disabled in seven days if we do not receive payment. Once that happens, do the following -

Set the recurring payment in the SS order manager to 'Suspended'.

Login to the Scan Manager and disable their scans by going to the Scan Portal > Admin > Network Assets, and deleting the zone.

Login as the User and turn off any scheduled scans by going to the Checklist>Manage>Login as User>Scan Schedules and deleting any scans.

Move order to Non Renewed (Canceled). Do not move past successful orders to Canceled, just the current order in question.